A successful strategy guarantees reliable delivery and utmost quality

As an experienced supplier of the automotive and metal industry, GRAESSLE is focussing on the production and assembly of mechanical and mechano-electrical modules, as for example valves, springs, engaging elements and latches (using different compressive forces) as well as oil containers and more comprehensive assemblies for varying use.

Usually GRAESSLE produces on the base of customers’ drawings or develops an assembly according to requirements.

It is to the customers’ benefit that GRAESSLE has continually followed its successful outsourcing strategy since 1990 and can therefore involve the most modern technologies and the most qualified suppliers in the production of their assemblies. According to the needs and requirements of delivery and quantity GRAESSLE will choose the most qualified, most flexible and less costly supplier at the time. Following an in-depth quality control, assembling itself will be done in GRAESSLE’s own workshops.

The benefits for the customers are obvious: risks are minimised, prices are held low, supply shortage is avoided and a know-how mix of GRAESSLE and suppliers is provided.

In addition, we can guarantee in time delivery through our storage and stockpiling. Always with the same quality and at the same conditions – be it milled parts, turned parts, stamped parts, deep-drawn parts, pressed parts or cast parts. Any finishing included, as for example hardening, soldering, grinding and cutting.

Perfect quality.
Perfect delivery.
Perfect conditions.

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